It’s me, Zilliboka :P

The rascal of NFT Markets
Korean NFT Artist

ZilliWorld Collection

Enjoy adventures in Zilliworld.
Zilliworld is based on dreams.
You can enjoy the worlds with guide.
Zilliboka’s main art collection.

Weird AnimalZ

Collectible Animals Project.
I’ll introduce all the Animals in the world.
If you collect “5” animals, you can get a special Animal dictionary NFT. (Polygon)

Zilli in the World

It is a collection that expresses my perspective of things around the world. Think about where my eyes are focused. Do you think what you know is true? Let’s think and find some good idea. (Ethereum)

Special Project

I’m preparing some special PFP projects.
Various concepts and Sharing your experience. Only the Special guys can claim their PFP NFTs.